• FENNOBED can provide you individual solutions for product development. In the past there have been several projects with individual requirements such as a round bed that moves on rails

  • It is also possible to develop your own private brand


Production and Logistic Service

FENNOBED delivers you the

  • right product at the

  • right rate in the

  • right time into the

  • right Place


Interior Consulting Service

•FENNOBED supports you to adapt the design of beds according to your CI and style guidelines

•The Design of the beds is oriented in the scandinavian design tradition which is characterised by funnctionality and minimalism

•Because of that, the beds can be fitted into and adapted to the most diverse interior designs


Adaptation to your CI and Style


One-stop fulfillment

  • We can provide your house-keeping with all accessories around the bed

–fitted sheets

–pillows and blankets