Fennobed OÜ is established in 2007. 

Management has  experience and knowhow in the soft furniture and furnishings sector since year 1989. 

100% from turnover consists of export, main markets are Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Finland. Products are being sold under „MATRI“ brand (www.matri.fi), mainly in Western Europe.

With us it is possible to develope Your own private brand.

žOne of our organisation  strenght is sales and distribution net in face of very strong references.

žQuality control is so effective, that reclamation percentage is less than 1%

žProducts are manufactured with the greatest care from high quality materials. Therefore, we give for breaks in suspension and frame 10 year warranty.

žWe use certified materials only from Europe.

Our beds are made from high quality materials by hand and are free of unhealthy or harmful substances.